Just so we’re on the same page…

I want to always make sure I provide a transparent setting so that our precious time together can be spent enjoying each other, and avoiding any confusion or miscommunications. Please take the time to read through these frequently asked questions, that way we can skip right to the good stuff when we’re finally face-to-face!

Photo of Lexi Rae

How should I prepare for our first date?


In terms of hygiene, l take a lot of time prepping and primping so I can look and feel my best for you, so I appreciate if the effort is reciprocated. Please arrive freshly showered and groomed. You are more than welcome to shower during our tryst if you prefer.

And of course, reading these questions and my About page thoroughly so you can be sure I am the perfect companion for you!

Can I skip the screening process?


I try to make my screening process as quick and painless as possible, but it is absolutely required for both my safety, as well as to make sure I am the right companion for you. After filling out my booking form, feel free to shoot me an email with any additional details you’d like to add if necessary. After we’ve already been acquainted, a quick email or text will do to set up our next tryst.

Do you see couples?


Of course, the more the merrier! Please add $500 per hour to the booking. I recommend starting off at 3 hours for our time together. Trust me, it’s worth it!

How should I give your donation?


My rates are for my companionship and time only. Anything that may, or may not, occur is between two consenting adults and for which there is no contract or compensation. It will be understood that anyone contacting me understands and accepts these terms. I reserve the right to decline appointments when I deem necessary.

Consideration must be made obvious and in plain sight so that I may receive it immediately upon our meeting. preferably in an open envelope or another way you feel comfortable. If we are meeting in public, you can slip it into a small gift, a card, or in a bouquet of flowers. Let’s make this as smooth as possible for both of us, so we can focus on each other.

I accept donations in cash (preferred), Venmo, or Zelle payments.

What if I need to cancel?


I understand life happens. If something comes up and you’re no longer able to meet at our scheduled time:

  • 48 hours or more – 10% rescheduling fee.
  • 24 hours or less – 25% cancellation fee.

If I’ve taken a deposit, and I have to cancel I will of course return it in full immediately.

Do you require a deposit?


I require a 30% deposit in order to secure our date, which can be sent via Zelle Quickpay or Venmo.

Do you have any friends?


Of course, I’m very popular. Only kidding, but I do have a small circle of gorgeous companions that I love spending time with, and I’m sure you will too! Please include in the booking form that this is something you’re interested in, and I can see who might be the perfect fit to join us.

Please be mindful that my beautiful friends’ hourly rate will be added to the booking.

Do you provide in-calls?


I do not currently provide in-calls, however, I can meet you at any upscale hotel in New York City or elsewhere. If you are unable to put the room under your name, I am perfectly willing to help by putting it under mine, just add $250 to your deposit. If you prefer an upscale experience (anyone say bubble bath in the suite at the Four Seasons?), I would happily set up our date! let me know what you’d like in an email and we can discuss the details. I will not meet at any private residence for our initial date, including my own.